Things are sweeter in Tennessee by Kristen McPeek

Home for sale in Cumberland Gap, TN

Home for sale in Cumberland Gap, TN

I spent last week in Tennessee with family. Starting in Nashville and then explored all around the eastern part of the state. It was beautiful. There were beautiful old buildings, there was lot’s to do (hello moonshine!). But no, I didn’t take many pictures. Do I regret it? A little bit. I was having the best time with my family, and for once I wasn’t focused on getting the right shot. 

Downtown Knoxville, TN

Downtown Knoxville, TN

Downtown Knoxville, TN

Downtown Knoxville, TN

My Aunt and Uncle’s farm

My Aunt and Uncle’s farm

Ole Smokey Tennessee Moonshine at  “The Holler”  in Gatlinburg, TN

Ole Smokey Tennessee Moonshine at “The Holler” in Gatlinburg, TN

Ole Smoky is the first federally licensed distillery in the history of East Tennessee.

Ole Smoky is the first federally licensed distillery in the history of East Tennessee.

Nashville, TN

Nashville, TN

Liberty Common , Nashville TN

Liberty Common, Nashville TN

But I did take some snapshots in my mind: The church against the foggy mountains thickened with trees on a Sunday morning. The tobacco hanging from an old leaning barn along the highway. But most of all, the mental picture that sticks with me the most is our family in front of my grandparents’ house playing ball with the younger kids. We were spread among the front porch and lawn. Our bags were packed because it was right before we left to go back to the airport. It was the hardest picture to let go. 

September Recap: Presenting the news earlier than later! by Kristen McPeek

I officially made it through the summer!

And officially made it a whole month of waking up at 2 a.m for morning coverage. We made it to the number one spot in our market at 5 a.m.! And while I can’t take credit for that, I like to joke with the team that I played a role, because of the announcement timing. We like to have fun!

Now I'm trading out my fire gear, for snow gear. From football, back-to-school and unique storms, September was filled with stories. Here is my recap of some things I covered in September!

August Multimedia Journalism Recap by Kristen McPeek

From switching from covering nightly news to morning news, I still am facing struggles of a new sleep schedule.

This month I also had a new and exciting change that not only effects my sleeping, but my life as well: I began my masters degree in Political Science!

Lots happened in August and it’s almost like a new chapter beginning. While I look forward to sharing all the new things going on, here is a look back at some of the stories I covered that I am most proud of.

I stepped out of my comfort zone this month, and it taught me a lot about journalism. For an example, you can see in my stories that I used sound from real people. To do this I went out and searched for the sound, rather than just set something up with an official ahead of time. I owe credit to my evening coworkers for pushing me to do this while I was having a difficult time envisioning the story. Full transparency: Journalism is not glamorous, but the work you put into the job, will count toward something in the end, even if it doesn’t seem clear in the first place.

July Multimedia Journalism Recap by Kristen McPeek

I just finished my third month reporting for CBS 2 in Boise, Idaho. As I continue to grow, I find myself more comfortable telling stories. However, that comfort surfaces new challenges, and with those challenges creates new goals.

July was the first month I reported on multiple breaking news events. Getting information and flipping it within minutes can be a challenge. My goal is to deliver clean points to viewers. Because to me, that is what my job is all about. Its the viewers who I hope to connect with.

Summer in Sandpoint by Kristen McPeek

I spent my weekend at home in Sandpoint, Idaho where my parents have a lavender farm and my friend has a lake house. I stayed at the lake until late in the evening and woke up early in the morning to help my family harvest. I didn’t get much sleep, but I enjoyed my time so much it didn’t matter.

Since I moved away in college I would remanence on Sandpoint and wonder if growing up there was a dream. I now visit again and I feel like a tourist, but I’m rather capturing feelings and memories on camera rather than landmarks or pretty scenes. I feel that each thing I take a picture of, means something to me and my childhood.

20190713-IMG_3125 copy.jpg

Sun Valley, Idaho stole my heart by Kristen McPeek


And there you have it, Sun Valley stole my heart. From some of its cozy stores, to outdoor activities and events, this was the weekend getaway I needed. We ended our trip with a Sunday hike through the wildflowers. We hiked about an hour and a half on a loop called Chocolate Gulch.


While the trip wouldn’t have been complete without this hike, we still filled our time with outdoor ice skating in June, a concert, food and refreshing local beer. We also weaved in and out of local stores, each of them offering their own styles and experiences.


But it was some of the locals who put smiles on our faces. Their recommendations actually placed us on this hike. Drivers were curious, and everyone was simply friendly.


Sun Valley, I’ll see you again.