Blog Goals / by Kristen McPeek

I've decided that I want to share more of my inspiration on my blog. When posting here, or my Instagram I try to focus on me, my style, developing my aesthetic, and what makes me, me. In reality I spend hours scrolling through other people's work, finding inspiration that contributes to my work. That being said I am excited to start featuring more inspiration and blogs on here for two reasons. Reason number one is for you! I hope that my blog will be beneficial to your eyes and creativity. Reason number two is for me. I always come across amazing work and would like a place to archive my inspiration. That being said it's a win win for both of us!

So I first want to feature Emilie Tournevache's blog. I loved spending a good amount of time scrolling through her work and taking away a different perspective of her behind the scene aspects. People don't take into consideration that a photo shoot is something that goes beyond just the actual shoot itself. There is a team involved, location creation/scouting, and post processing. Tournevache's blog displays the process really well and that is something I appreciate!

Check out her blog here: