My Boise State Best / by Kristen McPeek

I shot thousands of photos during my year at Boise State University. Being a photographer for the school is definitely something I can walk away feeling proud of, along with my communications degree in hand. Here is my top ten favorites along with some remarks. I will probably add some in the photojournalism tab with full captions soon!

My favorite sport to shoot was basketball. It was fast paced, and every game was different. I began to shoot it so much, I was starting to predict the players moves and before long I was getting the shots I predicted. I read articles about NBA photographers and learned a valuable lesson: If you're seeing it, you're not shooting it. A lesson I applied to photographing these games.

Through all the hype, football games were simple: get the fan's expressions.

My friends and I went skiing to shoot for Boise State so they had some photos of the ski community in Boise. Alex was so great and I loved all the shots. If you go to you will notice that they did not use any photos of Alex on the home page but a selfie Lauren and I took for fun on the mountain. Not my preference of photo usage so shout out to Alex for being awesome and talented I love the shots I got!

A highlight of covering the Mountain Rim Gymnastics conference. The team won the title and had the best record in school history (18-2/.900 pct.).

Being in Idaho's capital city, I was blessed to cover political circumstances such as Martin Luther King day marches to the capital building's steps, or when senators visited campus and had discussion with Boise State students. The senators spoke about their journeys to Washington DC and while I don't plan on running for president, I was able to align my aspirations with their stories.

Another political and year highlight for me was having the most amazing opportunity to cover Bernie Sanders. Boise had a record attendance for the democratic caucus in 2016. It was such an amazing feeling to be surrounded by media, security, and crowds and having access to a part of a historical event.


Thank you for taking the time to look over my top 10 photos taken at my Boise State career, where to next? Guess you will have to check back to see!